Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Trick or treats? Jelly Hard Boiled Eggs

There has been some days since I last updated my blog, hardly find some spare time out for myself. I normally update my blog prior to the end of the day, after putting my little precious to bed and after all the housework done, I get some peace at this time which enable me to have some 'me' time. The little precious has not been sleeping well recently, he has been waking up after an hour or two after I put him into bed, maybe teething or maybe weather is getting cold and the bed is not cosy enough, I am not sure, just hope the condition will change.

I had been collecting egg shells recently, I was going to make some jelly hard boiled eggs by using egg shells. This idea was inspired by Wendy from her Mango Yogurt Mousse which were made using egg shells. Reading at her recipe, I recall my mum used to make jelly eggs with palm sugar when we were small and we love it so much. I enjoy cracking and peeling off the egg shells, and I get cold jelly instead of hard boiled eggs after peeling off the shell. As a kid, I think this was special compare to the boring jelly block. Mum had stopped making it after we had grown up, and it was my turn to make it. Instead of making the whole jelly eggs, I decided to make a half jelly eggs so it looks like a hard boiled egg that cut into half. As a mark of Halloween's today, I have used pumpkin as the jelly yolks and coconut milk as the jelly egg whites.

Happy Halloween!

Ingredients: (for 10 eggs)

For the jelly egg yolk,
100g pumpkin puree
80ml water
10g vege gel (or 1 teaspoon agar agar powder, I can't find agar agar powder here)
10g cane sugar

1) Wash the pumpkin, cut into small cubes. Steam for around 15-20 minutes or until the pumpkin is soft when pierced with a knife/fork. Puree the pumpkin with a blender.
2) In a mixing bowl, put in water, vege gel and cane sugar, stir till the vege gel and cane sugar dissolved. Add in mashed pumpkin and mix well.
3) Bring the mixture to a boil over low heat, turn off the heat and pour the mixture to a container to about 1cm height. Put it into the fridge to set once it is cooled.
4) Remove the jelly egg yolk from the fridge after it is set. Use a small round cutter to cut it into round shape as what you see the real yolk when you cut the hard boiled egg into half. I didn't have any round cutter so I use a measuring spoon (1 teaspoon) to cut it into shape. (see below) Set aside.
*Note: Instead of using food colouring, I use cane sugar to add colour to the pumpkin.

use measuring spoon to cut into round shape

For the jelly egg white,
100ml water
150ml coconut milk
50ml fresh milk
65g caster sugar
15g vege gel (or 2 teaspoon agar agar powder)

1) Put all the ingredients for the jelly egg white into a mixing bowl and mix well.
2) Bring the mixture to a boil over low heat, turn off the heat. Pour the mixture into a measuring jug.

To Assemble:
1) Place the prepared egg shells on a egg tray.
2) Pour some jelly eggs white mixture into each egg shells. Leave about 5 minutes or until it is nearly set (depends on the weather condition)
3) Put the jelly egg yolk into each shell, pour the remaining jelly egg white mixture into each egg shell.
4) Leave it cool and put it into the fridge to set. Done!

I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #24 (October 2012): Jellies & Puddings  hosted by Charmaine of MiMi Bakery House


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I am being trick...heehee
    They all look so really. I would love to have a jelly hard boiled egg..:)

  2. haha....come come, let sit down and have a tea

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      Thanks for inviting. 😊

  3. These "eggs" are so cool! :D

  4. OMG how cute! haha I don't know how I would respond if I peeled open a "hard-boiled egg" to discover a sweet jelly inside. Might do it for a (delicious) prank ;)