Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Off to Scotland!

I will be set off for Scotland at dawn on Wednesday. I am so excited as this is my first trip to Scotland after living here in the UK for more than 2 years. It is autumn now, weather getting cold. Hopefully that would be a bright sunny day tomorrow.

再过几个小时,我将会起程到一个男子穿裙的地方'苏格兰', 好兴奋哦!这是我第一次到苏格兰旅游,希望秋天的天气不会太过为难我!我要好好的留念一下下!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Oreo Cheese Cake

那天看了"Mikiko 爱情坟墓"blog 里的Oreo Cheesecake, 决定来试试看,但是我用的材料跟她的有一点不一样,第一次做出来的cheesecake 咸的,因为我用了普通的牛油来和饼干碎混合,其实应该要用无盐牛油,因为懒得出去买,所以。。。。就做出了些带咸的cheese cake, 哈!

Oreo 饼干 150g/1条
无盐牛油 25g

全脂芝士 250g
奶油 100g
白糖 1 tbsp
vanila 香精 2 tsp
蛋黄 2个
面粉 2tsp

  1. 将Oreo 饼干弄碎(我是用擀面棍把它压碎),牛油隔水煮溶, 然后加入Oreo 饼干碎内搅拌均匀。
  2. 把搅拌均匀的Oreo 饼干碎压入心形蛋糕模内, 压好后把它放入冰箱约20 分钟。
  3. 预热烤箱,180度,10分钟。
  4. 芝士蛋糕上层:把全脂芝士、奶油、白糖、vanila 香精、蛋黄 一起倒入一个大碗内,搅拌至均匀后,加入面粉,再搅拌均匀。把混合物一起倒入模内,置入烤箱烤个30分钟。(建议放一碗水在烤箱内,那么烤出来的蛋糕不会显得有点干)

我的 Oreo Cheese Cake 出炉啦!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Water Baby

I went for swimming last night. There was a swimming session called "water baby" before the normal swimming session start. There were so many babies in the changing room when I reached there. All of them just finished their water baby session and their mummy were helping them to get bath and changing. They are infants and toddlers and are all very cute.  I see the healthy and good culture here, in the UK (I not sure if there is such culture in other country, but I am sure there is no in Malaysia) Baby learn to swim since they are still infants or toddlers so that they don't scare water and adapt to water. Swimming is the best exercise amongst as you do not actually feel you are sweating. Besides, it is a good way to relax and release tension, while enjoying a full body workout. I spend my free time going for swimming. For me, the word "swimming" simply means aqua jogging. Aqua jogging is jogging in the water with the use of floatation device. I has a phobia about water, therefore I do not really know how to swim and I am learning.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Glutinous Rice 糯米鸡


糯米 1 饭碗
香菇 5朵
鸡块 250克
蚝干 5只
虾米  1/2茶匙
葱头(剁碎) 2茶匙
油 2 茶匙
水 2 饭碗

蚝油 1茶匙
玉蜀黍粉 2茶匙

蚝油 1 汤匙
胡椒粉 1/2 茶匙
盐 1/4 茶匙
黑酱油 1/4 茶匙

  1. 先将香菇,蚝干浸泡过夜。取出香菇,将它切成0.5cm 厚。
  2. 把糯米洗净,置放一边。用蚝油和玉蜀黍份,将鸡块腌一腌。
  3. 热锅,加入油。待油热后,加入葱头和虾米炒香。加入鸡块、香菇及蚝干炒熟,随后加入调味料稍微炒匀。
  4. 将糯米倒入锅内,炒匀后倒入一个大碗。将两碗水倒入糯米鸡饭的大碗,放入饭锅隔水煮至糯米饭熟为止。

Monday, 21 September 2009

Time is Money!

Too many books to read, too little time;
Too many food to try, too little time;
Too many friends to meet, too little time;
Too many people to know, too little time;
Too many places to travel, too little time;
Too many things to do, too little time;
Too many things to learn, too little time;
Too much..
How many is too many?
Be self-discipline, organise your time wisely, get plan ahead!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Home Tutor

I was in a conversation with a woman in the sauna room yesterday. I told her that I had been actively looking for a job of my field lately. I had been graduated for a year, and still could not get a job, I am in despair. Due to the recent economic crisis, she suggested me to stay back to academic field, such as doing Phd or to be a tutor in the local University. I was always wanted and ever plan to study Phd when I was studying my master degree. I enjoy doing research, inventing new stuff but I have problems in writing up dissertion. Thesis writing and some other reasons had pulled be back to be a Phd. I never think of being a tutor in the local University in the UK. I am afraid I am not capable of and I have no confident with it.

Up until a few years ago, during my college life in Malaysia, I was working as a private tutor in my spare time, giving tuition to secondary school children. Being a tutor in your free time is enjoyable, and it could help you to earn some extra money. Other than giving lesson to the students, you have a chance to revise and recall what you had studied in the past. I believe tuition centre and private tutors are earning more money than those teachers who only teach in the schools, as students depend very much on private tutors. Most of the time, students came to me were those who claim that they could not understand what teacher had taught in school or those who hardly pay attention in class. Sarcastically, they will pay attention in my class, not because I am a teacher of genius, but they have to pay for the classes they attended. However, the examinations result gratified me. Some of the students turned up and told me they got an A for Science subject and parents called me to say thank you when they see the improvements of their children. Being a tutor is really enjoyable, you are able to help and motivate students, although it challenges your patience sometimes.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Bad Weather

The weather recently has been changing at all hour. It would be a warm sunny in the morning before it start to have heavy downpour in the afternoon. At night, the weather has become freezing cold. Maybe this hint is enough to tell the coming of lovely autumn.
It was a freaking hot day today and I intend to do some groceries at the local Tesco. I was walking out as usual, reckoned without the possibility of this inclement weather, consequently, I was caught in the rain. I ran into my friend when I reached Tesco. He told me he caught a cold and was worried if he have had H1N1 flu. His housemate's cousin, who were admitted H1N1 flu, has been told to quarantine at home for a week. I then told him not to think too much, that is just a cold that caused by recent bad weather and he will probably recover it soon.
The H1N1 flu is getting serious and cases are increasing tremendously. Many people are worried and concern about their personal health problems now because even people without underlying health problems would probably die from this disease. Sometimes, people who become infected will not realise they have had H1N1 flu because only very few symptons were found. Hopefully the disease can be cured as soon as possible