Sunday, 30 September 2012

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I haven't been blogging for ages, I am completely ashamed! ! This blog is nearly being forgotten until recently, after reading blogs from bloggers from different part of the world, I then recall I have a blog site. These bloggers' wonderful blogs have inspired me to blog again, there are countless blogs I am reading and has been following silently, their blog/ name will probably appear on my blog in the future as their blogs, cookings, bakings, etc are really Great, I'm Loving it!

After hidden for a while, I would like to introduce you my new family member, my baby boy, Jun, he is now 26 weeks old, going to be 27 weeks soon. Time just flew by so quickly, can't believe I have been on maternity leave for half a year now, will go back to work in a couple of months time. I never thought that I can be a stay at home person for so long, however, most of my time was spent on my baby especially when he was first born. My life has changed after his arrival, as he is my first baby everything were new to me, the feeding, nappy changing, crying, sleep deprivation and many many more..I nearly lost my confident of going out or to socialise with friends during those early months, he will just started to scream whenever he woke up or need a feed or whenever he is not comfy. I then timed myself whenever I go out, I must come back within 2 hours as he need to get feed every 2 hours. I slowly stretch the hour when he grow bigger as his tummy is growing as well. Thing do gets easier and better as he grow, now I can bring him to have coffee with friends, playgroups, swimming, etc.

When he was first born.

He is 26 weeks+ now, how time fly!