Saturday, 2 October 2010

Isle of Skye (1/3) 17.09.2010

Travelling from the west of Scotland to the east, a very nice nice trip. The journey took about 5 hours, we would have had a long journey, if we hadn't make some stops.

1st Stop: Inverurie. Friday morning, 17.09.10. Depart to Inverurie train station to meet up everyone. Only two cars were going to the Skye, so some of them just park their car at the station.
2nd Stop:  Inverness. A short break for the drivers, so we decided to stop at Tesco Inverness to have our breakfast. About 2 hours journey from Inverurie.
Outside Tesco Inverness. 8 of us were on that trip, but only 4 appear in the photo, because 1 went to toilet, 1 went to buy lunch, one took photo and the last one will meet us at Isle of Raasay.

3rd stop: Kyle. Short break for everyone before going to Isle of Skye. Pals were buying beer and alcohol for tonight! We then cross the bridge, on our way to Raasay and Skye.

Start to feel 'Wow' for the nice countryside scenery. 

4rd Stop: Isle of Raasay. We arrived at the dock a bit early to meet up Calum and wait for the ferry.
 The one with cap is Calum

 Ferry was arriving

While waiting for ferry

On the ferry to Isle of Raasay, the wind was chilly.

Saw this 'Highland Coo' on our ways up to Isle of Raasay..I am so excited, I always wanted to meet this pal, and now, here you go! Hi, Highland Coo..They are becoming professional model, they will give me nice post when there are tourists' car pass-by, and never feel shy

Way up to the Raasay

We stopped at Calum's road @ Isle of Raasay to have pre-packed lunch (sandwiches)

Walking trip started here

Isle of Raasay

waiting for ferry back to the Skye
 Finally we arrived at the Bunk House @ Isle of Skye. Quickly unload our stuff and pals just can't wait to have a sip of whiskey

Talented John doing a show before dinner. Well done!

Started: Prawn and herring coctail. Thumbs up!

Main Course: Seabass with sauce and vegetables...I can't even remember what sauce was that. ha

Dessert: Creme Caramel