Sunday, 7 April 2013

Back To The Cold!

I am very much aware of my irresponsibility to this blog, and believe that many of you have been waiting for something new to come out on this blog, my apologies for all the disappointment, I should have manage my time more efficiently.

I am recently back to Malaysia for holidays for about two weeks. This is a fairly short trip which I only able to make time for my family members. I had no chance to meet all my friends and relatives although we had a small gathering before I come back here. During our time in Malaysia, we were overwhelmed by the hot weather, the sun had never been shy away from us. Baby Jun just cry out loud whenever he felt the heat, we ended up bathing him 3 times a day and brought him to swimming pool to cool down. If he were to be brought up in Malaysia, it would take him some time to get use to the weather and environment, in which this could be a challenge!

And now, we are welcomed back by the snow and the cold. What a dramatic change!

Cooling down in the bucket with cousin sister.
Baby Jun loves fish @ Aquaria KLCC

At Aquaria KLCC, baby Jun enjoying seeing the aqua life.

Outside KLCC

First time in the 'sarung', baby Jun thought it is a swing as those in the playground!

Happy 1st Birthday, Baby Jun!

At airport before departing to the UK, time to go back to the cold country which he has to put on more clothes, jacket and shoes all the time when going out.