Saturday, 17 October 2009


I had been so busy since I came back from Scotland. More working days, interview.. that is really tiring!

Scotland especially Edinburgh is one of the nice place that you could not missed when you have a chance to visit Scotland. From the beautiful heritage building, Edinburgh Castle, Scotch Whisky Tasting Experience, historical attractions and so on. You can even light up your day with a glass of scotch whisky and the Scottish music. There are also other places of attraction that I had missed it in this trip, i.e. Inverness, Isle of Sky, Fortwilliam, Lochness, etc..and I really wish to sit on the Steam train, which I actually plan to visit there, but that place only open to public during weekend, nvm, I will visit there again, ha!

Here are some memories and photos taken during my trip to scotland!

Finally, ha..I arrived at this place where man wear skirt. There do not call it skirt but called kilt. These kilt is not cheap, it cost around GBP 25 for the normal one, and sometimes it priced at GBP50 for a good quality tartan kilt. Scottish men wear this costume on their wedding days, and according to rumours, they wear it without a underwear!

The Scott Monument. You will see that once you step out of Edinburgh train station or alight from the airport express bus.

Edinburgh most expensive hotel, the luxury Balmoral Hotel. A friend of mine told me this. A simply B&B will cost GBP 260 and a suit will cost GBP 535. wow! That is really luxury..see if I have a chance next time, to go in and enjoy my afternoon tea, hehe

This is one of the famous street in Edinburgh- Victoria Street. Take a closer look, you will find that the upper part is the ancient building while it has a relatively modern look on the bottom part. Victoria street was a dark and dangerous place in ancient times. It was a place full of prostitution and smuggler. There was a story about a couple living on this street, had had lucrative career selling dead body to those who study medicine at that times. I knew this cruel story after I joined the free walking tours during my trip there. The walking tours was interesting and enable to explore more about this historical place.

Edinburgh Castle.

This castle was actually built on top of a volcano that was already extinct. The castle is so big and there are museums, exhibition theatre, etc inside the castle. I was just outside the castle and did not plan to visit into the castle, as the entrance fee is too expensive (for me)! That is GBP14 per entry. However, there were so many visitors queueing in front of the ticket counters waiting for their turn to buy a visit into the castle. I then keep my money for visiting scotch whisky factory.

The Scotch Whisky Tasting Experience. The entrance fee is GBP11 and I got a chance to taste the Scotch Whisky. Scotch Whiskies are divided into single malt, double malt, and blended. There are four main scotch whiskies producing regions, picture above shown four different regions colour. Green: Lowland; Yellow: Highland; Blue: Speyside; Red: Islay. Different regions will have different water sources and produced different taste of scotch whisky. For me, that is all the same, haha...I am not an expert in tasting whisky, one small shot already made me dizzy.
A collection of fine quality whisky.

The Royal Mile factory outlet. Specialises in weaving and making tartan.

Time simply not enough for me to explore the whole edinburgh, I will go visit there again and those places in Scotland that I have not been there before..Unfortunately, winter is approaching, weather is getting cold and I am getting lazy to move, animals in the Zoo also start to wear jackets! I have to move my plan to next year summer, but the Scottish told me Edinburgh during christmas is very cold plus very beautiful; who know I might be celebrating my christmas in Edinburgh this year, ha!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Photos of my trip to Scotland.