Saturday, 7 August 2010

Lazy day...

The day had not been nice yesterday,
the hidden sun, summer almost gone, arrival of raining day..
moody day, moody me.

Bought an express meal from Asda which taste nice
'Cheese Chicken Escalopes'
made with chopped and shaped chicken breast +
King Prawn Cocktail +
few grapes +
Prunes Juice => Brunch of the day

Had been sitting in front of the computer all day long,
surfing & surfing...too lazy to move..
nothing special for dinner too
fish porridge serve with spring onions and fried onions...

I called it a day...


  1. Drool....the porridge looks good. Chong is too lucky..

  2. He hates porridge, he is a 'rice bucket' porridge won't fill him up