Saturday, 19 September 2009

Home Tutor

I was in a conversation with a woman in the sauna room yesterday. I told her that I had been actively looking for a job of my field lately. I had been graduated for a year, and still could not get a job, I am in despair. Due to the recent economic crisis, she suggested me to stay back to academic field, such as doing Phd or to be a tutor in the local University. I was always wanted and ever plan to study Phd when I was studying my master degree. I enjoy doing research, inventing new stuff but I have problems in writing up dissertion. Thesis writing and some other reasons had pulled be back to be a Phd. I never think of being a tutor in the local University in the UK. I am afraid I am not capable of and I have no confident with it.

Up until a few years ago, during my college life in Malaysia, I was working as a private tutor in my spare time, giving tuition to secondary school children. Being a tutor in your free time is enjoyable, and it could help you to earn some extra money. Other than giving lesson to the students, you have a chance to revise and recall what you had studied in the past. I believe tuition centre and private tutors are earning more money than those teachers who only teach in the schools, as students depend very much on private tutors. Most of the time, students came to me were those who claim that they could not understand what teacher had taught in school or those who hardly pay attention in class. Sarcastically, they will pay attention in my class, not because I am a teacher of genius, but they have to pay for the classes they attended. However, the examinations result gratified me. Some of the students turned up and told me they got an A for Science subject and parents called me to say thank you when they see the improvements of their children. Being a tutor is really enjoyable, you are able to help and motivate students, although it challenges your patience sometimes.

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