Friday, 4 September 2009

Bad Weather

The weather recently has been changing at all hour. It would be a warm sunny in the morning before it start to have heavy downpour in the afternoon. At night, the weather has become freezing cold. Maybe this hint is enough to tell the coming of lovely autumn.
It was a freaking hot day today and I intend to do some groceries at the local Tesco. I was walking out as usual, reckoned without the possibility of this inclement weather, consequently, I was caught in the rain. I ran into my friend when I reached Tesco. He told me he caught a cold and was worried if he have had H1N1 flu. His housemate's cousin, who were admitted H1N1 flu, has been told to quarantine at home for a week. I then told him not to think too much, that is just a cold that caused by recent bad weather and he will probably recover it soon.
The H1N1 flu is getting serious and cases are increasing tremendously. Many people are worried and concern about their personal health problems now because even people without underlying health problems would probably die from this disease. Sometimes, people who become infected will not realise they have had H1N1 flu because only very few symptons were found. Hopefully the disease can be cured as soon as possible

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