Saturday, 17 November 2012

Recipe Books Gifted By A Friends

These books arrived to me on the Halloween day, I was so excited when I received it, I finally got some chinese recipe books. Living in an English speaking country, I couldn't find any chinese book shop here, and order online from Taiwan or Malaysia websites would cost me a fortune. It is not an option to order books from Taiwan or Malaysia as the charges and postage fee are higher than the book itself. I am thankful to Shirley who sent me these books, she has lightened up my day! Thank you!

Shirley is a good friend of mine when we were in Belfast. She is a kind and helpful young lady, and she is the one who will always be there when I am in need, be it a personal or work or health issues, she always try her best to help. As a thank you to her, I want to share her healthy weight loss story here. She started her weight lose plan about a year ago. Her plan was started with exercise and control eating. Jogging and aerobics for an hour and sometimes she will do weight training as well. She doesn't eat dinner or if she is hungry at the night time, fruits always be her choice. She kept her calorie under 800kcal per day for the first 4 consecutive months, and this had resulted her weight to drop from 11 stone to 9.5 stone. After that, she increased her calorie intake to 1000kcal, with daily exercise and 2 litre of lemon water. She also take vitamin B-complex daily to enhance the metabolism system. Now her weight has further reduced to 7.5 stone, that is in 11 months time! And she still wish to drop another half stone to complete her weight loss plan. I am amazed by the way she used to lose weight, without taking any commercial weight loss plan or pill, etc, it is au natural! Although it needs sometimes to achieve but it is au natural! I am also ashamed when I heard about her story, I always telling people I want to lose weight but never do it in action. I am very proud of her, she has got a very strong determination which has made her to achieve what she want today.

As stated in the picture, this photo was taken in February 2009.

Photo of Shirley, taken in Dec 2011 when she visited Belfast again, in her favourite shop Avoca
After 11 months effort............
This is she, my dearest friend Shirley! What a big change isn't it?


  1. HI Stephanie, I recognise the name of the authors for your top 3 books! Looking forward to see you sharing the recipes with us!

    1. Hi Jessie,
      haha, I have flipped through all the books, but not sure when will be a good time to try out. Stay tune!

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    I have 2 out of your books there.
    Those are great books . Hope to see your yummy bakes n cooks from the books soon.

  3. Thanks for sharing your friend's weight loss program. She is really determined.

    1. Yes, Fong, agree with you. I can't do that.