Thursday, 31 December 2009

The snow and sub-zero temperature

It had been snowing heavily before and after Christmas. The snow on the ground and the untreated surfaces are too icy, it tends to make people fall. The temperature was just below freezing but with a brisk wind, the chill factor will probably make you feel bitterly cold more like -9oC.

The streets are so crowded during this time of the year (Before Christmas). Everyone was busy with their Christmas shopping. I had been busy shopping for food a few days before Christmas having realised that the shop will normally close earlier on Christmas eve and Boxing day. No shop will be opened on Christmas day. I remember the day when I arrived in one of the local supermarket, I was shocked as all the poultry in the display racks were sold out. I then ran to the other supermarket for poultry. The journey was prolonged as the icy roads were slippery and I nearly fall for some times. It was really tiring. I was thinking then to invest on sensible footwear to keep me balance.

The streets become quiet during Christmas day, you can hardly hear the sound of the car pass-by. All shops were closed. Everyone were at home celebrating the cold Christmas. The traditional Christmas dinner would be roasted turkey with some trimmings. Instead of sitting at home doing nothing, I cooked the Hainanese Chicken Rice for the first time. It was successful. Chong said, “Thumbs up”. I will upload the photo someday later.

Snows- The magic blankets, it hides those ugly and makes everything beautiful.

The thickness of snow on the ground impede motion, prolonged one's journey, it is at least 10cm.

We normally saw this in the freezer (the older version), but I saw this in the car park beside train station. The effect of supercooling!

I was so excited and dreaming about the white Christmas when it started to snow, however, it actually snow before and after Christmas!

Row of small Christmas trees were covered by the snow.

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