Thursday, 31 December 2009

Hainanese Chicken Rice

I was invited to have lunch in one of my friend's house last two weeks. The lunch was so nice and impressive. we had had Hainanese chicken rice with the soup, cranberry, pecan and white chocolate cheesecake as dessert, all were prepared and cooked by my friend. She is really a wonderful wife!

The Hainanese chicken rice cooked by my friend, Ling. It is nicely decorated. The chili sauce is hot and spicy, it complements the chicken perfectly.

Cranberry, pecan and white chocolate cheesecake, made by Ling.

Alright, it is my turn now! First of all, I am not a good decorator and neither in photography, I only "focus on eating", haha! It takes about 3 hours to prepare and cooking it. There are divided into three steps, first: cook the chicken and then put it into a cold water bath; secondly: use the chicken soup to cook the rice; third step: prepare the chili sauce. The recipe was taken from the Steamy Kitchen.

The Hainanese chicken.

Chong likes bean sprouts and therefore specially cook this steamed bean sprouts together with the chicken rice. This became our home-cooked "Asian" Christmas meal. He likes it very much and keep asking when will I cook again.

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