Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Christmas Market Belfast 2009

Christmas market signified Christmas is around the corner. This might be my very last time of visiting christmas market in Belfast. I will be moving to Aberdeen this coming Saturday, for goods. Anyway, Belfast Christmas Market is considered the best to me, as I never been to other christmas market in the UK. Traders from various part of Europe are gathered in the market. There are a variable mix of things to buy in Christmas Market, e.g. gloves, hot water bottle, candy, christmas decorations and food from their country. I planned to visit Christmas Market this afternoon, and therefore I went on an empty stomach (so that I can try those food!)

This is Dutch Pancake, with baileys and icing sugar as topping. There are also other toppings such as honey, toffee, strawberry, whisky and so on. All sweet sweet topping.

In Malaysia, I can only buy chicken burger, beef burger; or the famous one so called "Ramli" burger. In Christmas Market, I get the chance to try these "Meat of the World" burger, however, I only buy my Kangaroo burger everytime when I visited Christmas Market.

In Malaysia, you don't see pork selling publicly, but you can get it here. Instead of chinese roast pork, this is the European style roast pork here. Chinese eat roast pork with rice and other dishes while European eat it with bread (sandwich). I dare not and never try it, because I couldn't bear the strange pig's smell.

This is the music bar. Everyone seems to enjoy the music and drink inside. Drinking a beer during the cold winter time may help to warm you up. Too bad, I am a lousy drinker, I feel dizzy even for the very first glass. Luckily a cup of hot coffee with one shot of baileys help to keep my body warm.

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