Sunday, 13 March 2011

Isle of Skye (3/3) 17- 19.09.2010

The last day in every of my trip was always depressing, because I was about to go back soon :(

We didnt do much in the last day, went to Eileen Donan Castle on our way back.

 Eileen Donan Castle- one of the Must Visit tourist attractions. Beautiful castle surrounded by beautiful scenery..

That's it, this is my first Skye trip, I think I shall be back again, to complete the hiking bits!


  1. Oh I've visited this castle before! It's lovely in Skye isn't it? The scenery is unbelievably gorgeous! A photographer's heaven! I didn't do any hiking while I was there but would love to one day :)

  2. Yeah, it is indeed a photographer's heaven, but not me, look at my photo you know I only have kiddie's skill. The scenery is really amazing, luckily still able to capture everything by my eyes.
    Can only do hiking when the weather is really good...